The Celebrity Sports Challenges For Charity!

How they work: A Member of ShareADs sends a postcard to any Celebrity in the world.
The Celebrity can be a singer, a movie or television star, a politician, whatever. The
Celebrity does not need to be an athelete, but if he or she is a professional athelete,
then the athelete is handicapped in his or her play against you. Non-athelete Celebrities
may or may not be handicapped, depending on their skill level in whatever you our Member challenges the Celebrity in. YOU name the Challenge! You set the rules!
(ShareADs staff reviews the rules you are setting and either accepts your rules for the
Competition, modifies them, or sets our own rules). For example. You are a baseball fan
and you want to Challenge Derek Jeeter. You make ONE POSTCARD attempt to contact
the Celebrity you are challenging. If your Postcard Attempt does not work, then ShareADs
Staff makes one attempt to contact Your Celebrity Challenge. Since postcards are small,
you will need to type or write small on it, something like this:


When a Celebrity accepts the Challenge to come compete against you or you and your team, will pay for the Celebrity's transportation, hotel, and food and any expenses
concerning the Challenge. For example, if Derek Jeeter accepts your challenge, your rules
might be something like, he has to bat opposite of how he normally bats, and with one hand!
You may say he has to field with the glove on his opposite hand and throw with his opposite hand!
The rules have to be fair and equivalent to the skill level. Since he will play against Little
Leaguers, we approve of the handicaps. Now the question is, will Derek Jeeter accept these challenges?

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The Celebrity Swimming Challenge For Charity!

If you are a Celebrity wanting additional information and to set up / accept your
Celebrity Sports Challenge For Charity, please call: